Merrill R-6000 Frost Proof Yard Hydrant

Heavy Cast Iron Head – Time-proven design built for years of high flow rate use

1040 Steel Draw Straps -Reduced wear of straps and eliminates side pull on the operating rod

Heavy Cast Iron Handle – Easy to grip and built for years of use

Rocker Arm and Operating Rod with Two Nuts – Provides years of adjustability without concern for rusted or stuck set screws

Stainless Steel Operating Rod – Quality material for long life

Packing Gland with Teflon® Packing – Non-corrosive for extended use

Easy Plunger Replacement – Remove the packing gland and pull the operating rod and plunger out. No need to remove the hydrant head!

Schedule 40 Galvanized Riser Pipe – Made to last

1″ Valve Inlet Size – Easy installation and higher flow rate

One Piece Molded Plunger with Lubricant – Uses a double seal design for a shutoff you can depend on

Self-Lubricating Plunger – Diminishes concern over sticking and bonding creating a longer life

Double Bypass Valve Body – Allows for a higher flow rate

Hose Thread Adapter – Outlet for easy hose connection