Tombstone Round Bale Feeder – Stock Feeder/ Cattle, Bison, Horse


  • The tombstones separate the livestock and reduces feed waste
  • Three bent feeder sections pin together to create a solid stock feeder
  • 12 feeding positions


  • 1.9” OD high tensile, 12-gauge tubing for the feeder frame
  • 1.9” OD 14 gauge for the tombstone hoops
  • Each of the hoops is filled with 1” OD 14-gauge
  • Each corner and tombstone hoop is braced
  • The 22” high base is sheeted on the outside with 16-gauge sheet metal


  • Inside Diameter: 95.625”
  • Outside Diameter: 113.625”
  • Stanchion opening horizontal width: ~ 12.5”
  • Feeder Height: 49.75”
  • Feeder Weight: 390 lbs.
  • Item 954

This feeder is preferred by ranchers with horned livestock. This is also a popular feeder for horses because there is no top horizontal hoop for the horses to wear their manes on.